The Sinking Dawn

The dawn is not distant, nor is the night starless; love is eternal….Just not mine.

We had our differences, we had our fights,
The old beauty led to tears during nights.

Our promises are scarce like our love is bare,
Now in the blankness of your eyes, I timidly stare.

Our love couldn’t last long,
Our rage couldn’t stay put,
Our bond couldn’t stay strong,
Our fondness walked away afoot.

It was my time to decide whether to suppress or go,
I chose the latter making yet another foe.

The ride was sorrowful filled with tears,
Suddenly the nostalgia bought haziness of our years.

It was too soon to decide what lay ahead,
I guess I should’ve remembered what love could get.

But over it is and all is gone,
Now I look forward to that breaking dawn…

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