Not Ready to Let Go

It’s sad how people claim to love and care about you and yet still replace you so quickly.

This is where we met,
The first time we locked eyes, was under that sunset.

You wore the same maroon sweater which you are wearing today,
You started to smoke and then stopped when I looked at you “that way”.

That day you promised to never break my heart and I promised to never break yours,
Yet now you’re here blindsiding me and forming something that can’t easily be cured.

You looked down and reached for your cigarette but stopped and sighed,
“I think we should break up”, suddenly my tears became too hard to hide.

Now you’re biding my time by knitting a lie brimmed thread,
Yet all I hear is the sound of a pulse, that’s on the verge of being dead.

You said you’re sorry and walked away,
I still sat there, crying and wishing that you would stay.

Three months have passed now, But I still see myself, visiting that sunset time and again,
And today I see you playing with someone else’s pain.

This is where we met,
This is where we broke up…and only one of us wept.

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