The Red In Her Name…

It begins in seconds and lasts a lifetime.

A knock on the door, It’s her again.
She wears her crown, But lives in her lonely den.
We follow her blindly, Something she makes us do.
But her problems are far ahead of us, So we stay quiet without a clue.
She stacked her problems, But we can’t solve the truce.
It’s as powerful as her, But she never lets it loose.

A shatter echoes down the drain, It’s her cry for help that she finds vain.
So we let her down, is that what she deserve?
Maybe yes, Maybe not,
But that isn’t our concern.
So we’ll live and let her bury down deep,
She’ll find her way out, But until then we’ll let the quietness seep.

So keep this secret, as long as the silence is for,
Shhh…Quiet you must be now because for the time she existed,
They called her The War…

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