That Highway Musing…

They say that when one journey ends a new begins… but what if I don’t want it to end?

The starry sky winks at me while my journey guides through two strips of white paint,
My destination is unknown, and somehow this thought seems so quaint.

The scent of freedom makes its way to my lungs and the open road blocks my throat,
The bliss of this liberty makes the path blur and my wide smile expresses my dote.

I understood the meaning of unconditional love while the wind from the car window blew my hair,
The knots in my mind are slowly easing up, this ardour is charming yet rare.

The street lights flicker their praise on me as their radiance caresses my cheek,
My lips tremble with gratitude while I sense my fading pique.

My past sits at the passenger seat while I tell her the tale of her upcoming drive,
But the plot lies in slowing at the speed bumps and embracing that underrated thrive.

I have a long ride ahead of me, so why waste my fuel by speeding up,
Just slow down and enjoy sipping the moments from life’s warm cup.

Dear roads,
All I have are these requests for now,
Can you not take me to my destination but also not my home somehow?
Can you let me talk to you without any words to say?
Can I just for a little more while, drive on this unleashing highway?

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