My Gratitude For Her….

” I love you…To the moon and back. ”

For my existence you are the reason,
In sadness in joy in every season.

A mother, a lover, a giver you are,
You’re my only shooting star.

You give me joy, You give me hope,
In god’s pace u help me cope.

My only bliss, my mom you are,
No matter where no matter how far.

Always you’ve been to dad the most loving wife,
You’ve been a pure soul all along ur life.

A beautiful person you are inside out,
In mine and god’s eyes there is no doubt.

I have a gratitude towards you I can’t express,
You’ve given me a gift of your immortality I guess……


The Sin we all Commit

“The most unnoticed thing is the most noticeable”

When we walk around this universe, we observe the wellbeing of nature, the creativity of styles and the expression of guilt. What we don’t observe is the stuff that lies underneath all that aura. We are freakishly oblivious of the fact that the other person has a darkness inside of them that the just aren’t able to express. Others obliviousness leads the person into a mountain of confusion about how can they ever expire this pain of never being able to express themselves to others. They rise every morning to the heart stab of disappointment that today also know one will notice their pain. They stroll around feeling that they don’t deserve what the have or maybe someone will finally truly come to their senses and explain to them that they deserve everything….and even more. A fragment of imagination or a phantom ghosts for example are the only uncommunicable source that apprehend what I mean……We all are criminals….Criminals of a sin that is way past our wild understanding……..More than criminals or prodigies we are ignorants……

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