That Highway Musing…

They say that when one journey ends a new begins… but what if I don’t want it to end?

The starry sky winks at me while my journey guides through two strips of white paint,
My destination is unknown, and somehow this thought seems so quaint.

The scent of freedom makes its way to my lungs and the open road blocks my throat,
The bliss of this liberty makes the path blur and my wide smile expresses my dote.

I understood the meaning of unconditional love while the wind from the car window blew my hair,
The knots in my mind are slowly easing up, this ardour is charming yet rare.

The street lights flicker their praise on me as their radiance caresses my cheek,
My lips tremble with gratitude while I sense my fading pique.

My past sits at the passenger seat while I tell her the tale of her upcoming drive,
But the plot lies in slowing at the speed bumps and embracing that underrated thrive.

I have a long ride ahead of me, so why waste my fuel by speeding up,
Just slow down and enjoy sipping the moments from life’s warm cup.

Dear roads,
All I have are these requests for now,
Can you not take me to my destination but also not my home somehow?
Can you let me talk to you without any words to say?
Can I just for a little more while, drive on this unleashing highway?

A Collab Post!

This is a collaborative post with Ishita at Thoughts Resonate. Her poems and posts are amazing and the way she can express her thoughts in such few words is just flawless! Please check out her posts and I promise you would be impressed beyond words!

She and I wrote this poem together and her ideas were awesome! I hope we can do this more often as it was a lot of fun!!

I Wish I Was A Kid Again

I wish I was a naive little kid again.

Unaware of the dirt lying within this world full of school rhymes,
Unaware of the scorns inside these people’s minds.

I wish I was a carefree, joyful kid again.

I won’t have to wake up to my nail marks crucifying the pillow,
From the stressful nightmares of tomorrow.

I wish I was that estranged kid again.

Unaware of the words insecurity, guilt or regret.
Unaware of the torture; now I wish to forget.

I wish I was that colourful kid again.

Always jumping towards the colour of rainbow and never pertaining towards black.
Always laughing merrily with friends and never thinking they would turn their back.

Tell me if I’m wrong,
But don’t you wish to be a kid again?
Away from all the disappointment,
feeling like you’re living in vain.

Tell me if I’m wrong,
But don’t you wish to be a kid again?
To enjoy life as you once did,
When insane and sane were the same.

I wish I was that kid again…..

Tanvi Kamra & Ishita Gupta

Dear Labels…

 Move on with your day, hold back the tears and pretend you’re okay.
No, I’m not desperate, just dependant on your support.
No, I’m not lonely, just cautious of the world’s falling fort.
No, I’m not crazy, just blinded by my teary haze.
No, I’m not jealous, just longing for your sympathizing gaze.
No, I’m not a coward, just scared of looking at my flashback.
No, I’m not holding back my tears, just stifling those emotions I lack.
No, I’m not self-pitying myself, just loading my soul’s heavy pile.
No, I’m not telling the truth, just trying to live each day with yet another counterfeit smile.


The Broken “Welcome” Sign

Some people in our life may not be there to stay…Then why do their words?

I live in this town called “Emotional Vulnerability”,
Where it tends to sing its own rhymes, pointing out its own futility.

The volcanoes of anger it has erupted and the lakes of tears it has filled,
No one knows this town except for me, because it’s my low self-esteem on which it is built.

The black ink is now spreading to other pages in my mind as I continue to sweep its darkness,
But now, it’s soaked too deep, looking like the dark sky, starless.

This town is now hollow by the dementors that didn’t knock,
But thanks for letting me know that my emotions needed a lock.

The glowing welcome sign has fused of this town and seeks for no repair,
But thanks for lending a hand and pretending like you care.

Why do I come back here then? Why do I crave this abuse?
Maybe because its the only thing that belongs to me, sadly, it’s my only muse…

The Truth Resonates

The brightest faces have the darkest souls…

The morning glory never showed her scars,
The high branches could reach the stars.

All looks so mighty, her green leaves shined,
But soon the fall came, fearful she whined.

Now her looks are gone, her body is bare,
Her roots are cold, her mind so scared.

Living with secrets so hard to dig,
She only grew with fake smiles which broke like her weak twig.

Grandma finished the story with a sigh,
The children were wistful for the tree not soaring high.

But kids what we learn is to never be ashamed,
Come out with your problems, maybe some might have the same.

We live in this obliviousness that we forget to care,
A little smile can lead to a long way somewhere.
It’s a path to choose that is right,
We all feel pain and someone’s may just be too white.

Help yourself and help others to live,
There’s love for all and so much more to give.

Passing the Horizon

Aren’t you tired yet?
Just let go…

Blinding her glasses and soaking her hair the rain kept pouring along with her tears,
Straining the scream she dropped on the floor as she let go of her redundant fears.

Then something dawned on her as the drops played a melancholic sound
She realised that she can’t hold the barriers anymore and needs to stop looking for what’s already been found.

She picked up herself and ran with the wind feeling the heat of the sun with the  cool rain,
Passing the horizon she let go of her old self and the world she thought was mundane.

The rainbow opened up its arms as she fell through seven doors just so out of one closet she could come,
She finally felt like herself again as the rain cleared up and the sun began to hum.

The Tale of a Cold Heart

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure…… Sorry, can’t agree….They become scars.

The road was crowded, as we anxiously sat in the car,
It was the first time you held my hand,
Later that memory became a scar.

We used to sit by the fireplace, as you recited your poems in a warm deep tone,
I fell more for you each time,
That feeling had always grown.

You smiled when I winked at you, from across the school hall,
Yet now I cry,
Whenever those memories envelope me like a pall.

I can still sense your warmth, in the midst of this cold burial ground,
You’ve been gone too long, You seem too far,
But I still can perceive you around.

I prayed for forgiveness as your soul slowly started to depart,
I remember how I held your hand so tight,
Yet now I’m sitting here, telling the sad Tale of a Cold Heart.

A Shiver Down My Spine

“This thought is relatable for many…and that’s the worst part.”

My breath starts to shorten as my heart begins to race,
Each step I take, has a certain increasing pace.

The victimising shadows linger behind me and a panic attack starts to arise,
I hang my head, and taking a crowded path I try to disguise.

“ I have a Pepper spray and and I know self defence”, Calmly I try to repeat these words in my mind,
But then I close my eyes, with no will of my own, suddenly my fear becomes blind.

I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t become your strong colleen,
I’m sorry dad, but but problems have a little worse been.

I’m not your courageous woman with those innocent eyes,
I’m just a frightened soul who in this world can no longer suffice.

The Red In Her Name…

It begins in seconds and lasts a lifetime.

A knock on the door, It’s her again.
She wears her crown, But lives in her lonely den.
We follow her blindly, Something she makes us do.
But her problems are far ahead of us, So we stay quiet without a clue.
She stacked her problems, But we can’t solve the truce.
It’s as powerful as her, But she never lets it loose.

A shatter echoes down the drain, It’s her cry for help that she finds vain.
So we let her down, is that what she deserve?
Maybe yes, Maybe not,
But that isn’t our concern.
So we’ll live and let her bury down deep,
She’ll find her way out, But until then we’ll let the quietness seep.

So keep this secret, as long as the silence is for,
Shhh…Quiet you must be now because for the time she existed,
They called her The War…

Not Ready to Let Go

It’s sad how people claim to love and care about you and yet still replace you so quickly.

This is where we met,
The first time we locked eyes, was under that sunset.

You wore the same maroon sweater which you are wearing today,
You started to smoke and then stopped when I looked at you “that way”.

That day you promised to never break my heart and I promised to never break yours,
Yet now you’re here blindsiding me and forming something that can’t easily be cured.

You looked down and reached for your cigarette but stopped and sighed,
“I think we should break up”, suddenly my tears became too hard to hide.

Now you’re biding my time by knitting a lie brimmed thread,
Yet all I hear is the sound of a pulse, that’s on the verge of being dead.

You said you’re sorry and walked away,
I still sat there, crying and wishing that you would stay.

Three months have passed now, But I still see myself, visiting that sunset time and again,
And today I see you playing with someone else’s pain.

This is where we met,
This is where we broke up…and only one of us wept.

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