A Collab Post!

This is a collaborative post with Ishita at Thoughts Resonate. Her poems and posts are amazing and the way she can express her thoughts in such few words is just flawless! Please check out her posts and I promise you would be impressed beyond words!

She and I wrote this poem together and her ideas were awesome! I hope we can do this more often as it was a lot of fun!!

I Wish I Was A Kid Again

I wish I was a naive little kid again.

Unaware of the dirt lying within this world full of school rhymes,
Unaware of the scorns inside these people’s minds.

I wish I was a carefree, joyful kid again.

I won’t have to wake up to my nail marks crucifying the pillow,
From the stressful nightmares of tomorrow.

I wish I was that estranged kid again.

Unaware of the words insecurity, guilt or regret.
Unaware of the torture; now I wish to forget.

I wish I was that colourful kid again.

Always jumping towards the colour of rainbow and never pertaining towards black.
Always laughing merrily with friends and never thinking they would turn their back.

Tell me if I’m wrong,
But don’t you wish to be a kid again?
Away from all the disappointment,
feeling like you’re living in vain.

Tell me if I’m wrong,
But don’t you wish to be a kid again?
To enjoy life as you once did,
When insane and sane were the same.

I wish I was that kid again…..

Tanvi Kamra & Ishita Gupta

Dear Labels…

 Move on with your day, hold back the tears and pretend you’re okay.
No, I’m not desperate, just dependant on your support.
No, I’m not lonely, just cautious of the world’s falling fort.
No, I’m not crazy, just blinded by my teary haze.
No, I’m not jealous, just longing for your sympathizing gaze.
No, I’m not a coward, just scared of looking at my flashback.
No, I’m not holding back my tears, just stifling those emotions I lack.
No, I’m not self-pitying myself, just loading my soul’s heavy pile.
No, I’m not telling the truth, just trying to live each day with yet another counterfeit smile.


The Broken “Welcome” Sign

Some people in our life may not be there to stay…Then why do their words?

I live in this town called “Emotional Vulnerability”,
Where it tends to sing its own rhymes, pointing out its own futility.

The volcanoes of anger it has erupted and the lakes of tears it has filled,
No one knows this town except for me, because it’s my low self-esteem on which it is built.

The black ink is now spreading to other pages in my mind as I continue to sweep its darkness,
But now, it’s soaked too deep, looking like the dark sky, starless.

This town is now hollow by the dementors that didn’t knock,
But thanks for letting me know that my emotions needed a lock.

The glowing welcome sign has fused of this town and seeks for no repair,
But thanks for lending a hand and pretending like you care.

Why do I come back here then? Why do I crave this abuse?
Maybe because its the only thing that belongs to me, sadly, it’s my only muse…

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