A Shiver Down My Spine

“This thought is relatable for many…and that’s the worst part.”

My breath starts to shorten as my heart begins to race,
Each step I take, has a certain increasing pace.

The victimising shadows linger behind me and a panic attack starts to arise,
I hang my head, and taking a crowded path I try to disguise.

“ I have a Pepper spray and and I know self defence”, Calmly I try to repeat these words in my mind,
But then I close my eyes, with no will of my own, suddenly my fear becomes blind.

I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t become your strong colleen,
I’m sorry dad, but but problems have a little worse been.

I’m not your courageous woman with those innocent eyes,
I’m just a frightened soul who in this world can no longer suffice.

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