The Estrangement Canvass

Things fall apart and illusions fade…just like our love did

Can you hold my hand for the last time,
A stroke on the cheek will be so sublime.

Our differences we’ve shared,
Yet now, in our goodbyes we stare.

I wish it could’ve been a different way,
But I still mean all that I say.

You know, it just wasn’t right,
Ending each day with yet another petty fight.

Steps we’d taken together were the same,
Then how does it turn to be me that you blame.

It’s been a hell of a ride which was bound to end,
Still I did cherish the time we’d spent.

Though now looking at you with someone else I question myself with a sigh,
Was it right to end everything with a goodbye?

The Blame Requited

Blame game is the safest escape route to hide the actual story.

Priya Rani

It’s the invalidity of a change in me,

In the blank sky my eyes see.

The blood rushes in my mind,

The extremity makes me blind.

The anger floods and grows,

My blinding rage never slows.

A deep breath can’t help, there are a million fragments in my head,

So I never blame me, in my mind your name is said.

It’s my words not your lines,

It’s my world that you incline.

My heaven now becomes my hell,

As your lies become mine to tell.

My heart suddenly skips a beat,

The feelings in my head take a seat.

A realisation blossoming I begin to see,

Shattering a glass…the blame is on me.

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