Dear Stranger

I’m glad you don’t know this blog exists.

Dear stranger,

I’m guilty.
I’m guilty of my not-so-subtle side glances.
I’m guilty of roaming the hallways twice and expecting unachievable romances.
I’m guilty that you crossed my mind once and never left.
I’m guilty that I fear losing you, someone I never had, and being bereft.
I’m guilty of the film of scenarios I play on the projector of my eyes during the daybreak & the dullest of nights.
I’m guilty that my only reaction to seeing you is a sigh while every part of me that wants to grab you, fights.

So I desperately need you to know how obsessed I am with you,
How seeing you is the only thing I look forward to.
How I practice eyeing you discreetly when I’m all alone,
How I wish with everything in my power that feelings for me in your mind have also possibly grown.

No. No. No!
I berate my mind.
It’s unrealistic.
It is not worth it.
Ugh. Why did I have to be a hopeless romantic?

The society tells me to follow the “right way”,
Pop culture tells me to “cease the day”.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that
The probabilities of “us” is minimal
Yet I can’t seem to let go of you.
I guess you’ll reside as a hostage for a while in my mind,
Till I finally find the courage to heavily sigh and move on just like I always do.


I followed you into the dark only to lose myself

The days you cry, I help you stare down your abyss,
I prevent you from drowning in but somehow trip into something a lot like this.

Now as I stare down the chasm of what can only seem like an endless lagoon of hopelessness,
I look for your hand, your smile, to pull me from the sea of aimlessness.

My ship rides the storm on your bad days and reaches ashore at your relief,
My individuality seems to make a run for it as in my feelings I start to lose belief.

My emotions submit to yours so I push you away,
The next day I encounter another wounded soul and let them drag me down their way.

The empath in me is submissive to others as the human in me zips up the soul tight,
She knows what she’s been through and doesn’t want to become someone else’s emotionally contaminating plight.

This poem is actually inspired from a scientific topic of Emotional Contagion. Do read up on it, it’s quite interesting!

Also this concept of “abyss” was inspired by this fabulous video

Quiet Encounters

Sudden Scribbles #10

To the stranger I run into everyday,
I don’t know you,
But when our eyes lock,
that’s a moment I wish would stay.

Take that as you may.

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