Self Doubt…

” The worst enemy of creativity is self doubt.”

We all have an enemy named self doubt inside us. No matter how hard we try to appreciate ourselves and forget our insecurities, we will judge and doubt our opinion about ourselves. I personally am a victim of it. I feel like a host who has been attacked and captured by this parasite. Every single time I have tried to believe in myself I feel an urge to recheck it and get others opinion instead of just going with mine. Whenever someone compliments me about my skills, I ask “Are sure it is ME you’re talking about?!”

That’s what I’m about. Living with self doubt is like giving up on yourself and following everyone else because you think you are wrong. You have opinions and answers but you are just too scared that they will be wrong and people will judge you.

I know that it’s hard to live like this and you may think that it is easy for me to say this but actually I know what and how it feels like. Self doubts don’t go away easily but what I ┬ácan tell you to do is to believe in yourself because even if it’s right or wrong it is your opinion. Trust Yourself, Trust God.


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