Sudden Scribbles #5

“They call it ‘falling in love’ because whenever you fall you are bound to get hurt”

5 Years Later

Sudden Scribbles #4

I pulled out a book from the library shelf and saw you on the other side,
You smiled at me and here I am, 5 years later, standing as your brid

The Coffee Cup

I wake up at 2 am only to the smell of coffee reminding me of you

Standing in the coffee shop queue every morning,
I gaze at you with a smirk on face and my heart yearning.

I bite my lip and stare at my shoes as I see you smile,
Then I hear the ding of the shop’s door and leave my fantasy world for a while.

The morning of my birthday gifted me with butterflies as I expectantly came,
You weren’t there and the pit in stomach formed a maim.

I left the store at the verge of tears as I bumped into you running outside,
You spilled coffee on my birthday suit yet I stood their with a smile too wide.

You apologised too much and I forgave too quick,
Is it controversial that this birthday is my favourite pick ?

I left for my home town for a few days but the coffee there didn’t taste as good,
I’d rather spend these cold mornings there if I could.

I returned soon only to see your yearning eyes,
I asked for my coffee and forced my grin to disguise.

I left with the ringing of the coffee shop door as I came across a writing on my cup,
“Is 8 ok for me to pick you up?”

Love Languages

Sudden Scribbles #3

Her love language:
Strumming her guitar at midnight while staring into his eyes

His love language:
Kissing all her guitar string bruises till sunrise

The Dead Butterflies Society

Sudden Scribbles # 1

“I felt butterflies in my stomach the day I opened up to you,
Those moments makes me sick now that we’re through”

Hey ! I was thinking of trying out something new so I came up with the idea of a segment for my blog called ‘Sudden Scribbles’ .
It’s basically short poetic lines that pop into my mind at anytime so I just jot them down and post them here !

I hope you like them ♡

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