A Dark Mist

This is a collaborative post with Ishita at Thoughts Resonate. Her poems and posts are amazing and the way she can express her thoughts in such few words is just flawless! Please check out her posts and I promise you would be impressed beyond words! She and I wrote this poem together and her ideas were awesome! I hope we can do this more often as it was a lot of fun!!

You can find our previous collab post here

A Dark Mist

The cold floor feels comforting,
as the numbness caresses me slowly.
Sinking into my chambers of distress,
My fragile arms engulf me and me only.

In the darkness of the night,
the silence echoes in my ears.
I’m guided by the wind,
guided deeper into my fears.

Every single day, the mirror questions me.
I wish to wander where my solace lies,
I wish to forgo the constant anathema,
but I feel deluded by my unholy cries.

In the darkness of the night,
My thoughts obscure my reality.
Gasping for breath in the toxic air,
My grave lies beneath this calamity.

The cold floor is still comforting,
as the numbness caresses me slowly.
To put an end to these tribulations,
I surrender myself into this melancholy…

-Tanvi Kamra & Ishita Gupta

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