“I hear it, but I can’t accept it…..I can’t let go.”

An ominous silence falls apart 
Yet the wind has a calmer demeanour. 
The rustle of the dried leaves stir the sound
As my heavy breaths become leaner. 

Then the grave next to me lights up, 
As if a Christmas tree in the cold. 
It sang it’s melody, so painful yet raw 
And the flashbacks of my past begin to unfold. 

The iridescent hallways reveal the bygone,
I hear a sound from the grave behind, 
then the melody descends to infinite,
As all the tombs sing a melody so divined. 

The melody of death leads me to the beyond, 
 Yet the soul of mine had other plans 
Frightened and terrified it tried to run
But we can’t escape from the truth in short spans. 

As if tied with chains, my body paralysed to the casket,
My mind and heart kept racing as if trying to slip off the fence,
But like every realisation , this hit me like a ton of  bricks,
Because it wasn’t the symphony of death but the symphony of acceptance.

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