New-Year Writing Contest

This cozy afternoon I decided to take part in this contest. This is being hosted by Srishti at The Srishti Blog ! Do check out her posts. They are wonderful and inspirational !


  • Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this onI found this on Akshita’s blog at Anthology of Akshita’s Thoughts !
  • If you have a blog, list down the rules in a post, if not, contact/email the creator (contact page).
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  • Last date for submission is 20th January 2022, winners will be announced on 24th January 2022.
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  • Word limit ranges to 1000 words.
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified.
  • You can submit only one entry. 
  • Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.

My Submission

Love On New Year’s Eve

I gaze sideways at the curtain because there’s just too much to say,
I anchor my words, my thoughts…as I wait for something you to convey. 

There is an urgency in this comfort, something my tapping foot awaits,
Yet, that time, the shadows of hope seemed to fade out the gate. 

My graphite scribbled intents are erased by your good bye,
I put a smile on, say the same and nod my head with a sigh. 

The 2:00 am disconnects are brutal yet so is when you say “good night”,
Things frustrate me, they confuse me
But god ! Talking to feels just so right. 

In many ways than one, you evoked feelings I never thought I deserved,
Believe me when I say laughs along with tears we’re served. 

Yet here I am, staring into your hazel eyes thinking if I can ever escape,
My soul feels unencumbered. I’m lost…in your surreal gape. 

Then comes those times where my tresses crave your stroke
While the hopes of that are futile and that of I’m aware
Just…sorry I am for those sleepless nights when all I wished was for you to be there. 

Then came that lingering moment when the freeze cloaked my clock
 (time stopped)
That night, those words slipped out as my heart lost the key to its lock. 

I’m smirking as I write these words, rolling my eyes cause these circumstances I don’t believe !
I guess all I’m trying to say is ‘I love you’ and baby...that wraps my New Year’s Eve.


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Thank you and Good Luck !

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