“Colours are outside the lines, you just need to feel them.”

Colour is that sensation that you produce during every moment of your life. It can be the colour red indicating love or affection towards something or it can be the colour blue reflecting rejuvenation, the limit is the sky.

Colours have meanings or moody sensations related to them , for example-

  1. The colour red reflects love but it can also reflect anger.
  2. The colour black indicates darkness or depression but it can also reflect pride and honour.
  3. The colour white can reflect boringness but it can also indicate peace.

But my friend don’t feel bad cause if you’re optimistic and you have confidence in yourself then I am a 100% sure that you’ll compare yourself with those positive things. If you can’t then it is time to change yourself cause it’s never too late for anything.

So, remember that you just need to attract that positivity of these colours and make yourself , self-motivated and independent.


My Aspirations

‘ Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.’

When I grow up I wanna become a writer and a photographer or a chef or a doctor or a singer or a basketball player…..

The limit of choices is the sky. Writing is my passion. It makes me express my feelings. When I read an autobiography I feel how the author has expressed itself in the books.

My life is simple and sweet. It is full of aspirations, adventures, love, care and happiness.

I look upto Roald Dahl, one of the best authors.

I look upto Micheal Jordan, the LEGEND of basketball.

I look upto Gordan Ramsey, one of the best chefs.

but ……the most important aspirations are my mom and dad,

They both have faced struggles in life and they had dreams that they could not fulfil. It is my time to fulfil their dream and their only dream is to see me successful. I will do that. I’ll make sure that I put my best in everything I  do. I will make my parents PROUD and now their dream is my dream.

My Dad

My dad is the world’s most unique father. He is a person who always believes in me, makes me feel comfortable in this big world and fulfils all of my dreams.

When I was year old my dad used feed me milk and drive the car at the same time! He is very special to me, he makes me feel on top of the world.

He is a bit impatient but sometimes he realises that and converts back to my dad in seconds. My dad and I share most of the things like-

  • He is a BIG foodie and even I am.
  • He has a lot of hair on his body and even I do ( shhh…..)
  • He loves netflix and even I do!

SEE! we share many things in common. There are a lot more but I can’t list them as there are soo many.

My Dad is my guiding star. He is my first love and he will be. I hear his voice every time when I am in trouble and it always says-“ Tanvi! you are the best.” He has made a small world for me full of love. I love you dad.

Friends of 2 types

“ Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know that they’re always there.”

Now when it comes to friends then everyone is not your friend, there are ones who like you and ones that detest you and are using you to make you feel miserable at a time and make you feel bad about yourself. Now you maybe thinking that why are these kind of people out there? Well, when you have that question then remember that it is just an obstacle that god has given to you to make a change in yourself and the other person. If you pass that obstacle then that achievement can help you in the path of success.

There are some friends who are the ones that make you feel special and one of a kind. Those are your real friends and if you are reciprocating to them like that only then you are a true friend too. Those people which make you feel beautiful, who respect you and make you feel special are your TRUE FRIENDS 😁

The First Step

Just a few days ago i have completed 12 years of my life. Twelve wonderful years. I know that they are “just” twelve years to you, but to me they are much more than that. Today I don’t know why am I just getting a flashback of my childhood. It starts from the very first day……….

I was born on 21st march 2005 at 9:05 pm. It was a special day. I was pretty unusual ( and am……lol !!) every child cries when they are born and when they see unfamiliar people around them, I actually didn’t ( or that’s what my mom told me). At that time I was feeling clueless. Staring at people who looked really very happy. I could only recognise one person which was my mother, by her familiar scent which made me feel a vibe of joy, happiness and especially….. love.


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