On My Way…

“Being oblivious is a choice, being in denial is the result.”


Slowly I rise from the darkness I was engulfed in,

It pulled me with all the forces of your sin.

It was rough to pull from the chains of monstrosity,

I pulled myself together after the trauma that you gave me.

I screamed, I shouted, I yelled at you,

In a crowd, but no one seem to hear neither did they knew.

It digs a pit in my stomach making me feel so blue,

The burn I was feeling inside, the pain wasn’t new.

You gave me those eyes flooded with accusations,

The guilt in my heart also has a limitation.

It isn’t me, I’m not guilty,

Don’t bound me just let me scream.

When I met you a flame lit in my heart,

Now you blew it tearing my soul apart.

I was looking for my oblivion in your oblivious silhouette,

It was a mistake and now I realise to what it led….

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