Quiet Encounters

Sudden Scribbles #10

To the stranger I run into everyday,
I don’t know you,
But when our eyes lock,
that’s a moment I wish would stay.

Take that as you may.

Star, Please?

Sudden Scribbles #9

” The dead of the night whispered the love I was unknown to,
from afar.
Until you left,
And I wished for you on
shooting star “

Stifling mr. Past

Sudden Scribbles #8

( musical scribble )

“Untethered from the present, ruining the future, I hang on to the railing of my past.
Regretting the silence I kept when you told me we were meant to be, just not made to last.”

Influenced by :

“But I think you’re the one for someone else”



Sudden Scribbles #5

“They call it ‘falling in love’ because whenever you fall you are bound to get hurt”

5 Years Later

Sudden Scribbles #4

I pulled out a book from the library shelf and saw you on the other side,
You smiled at me and here I am, 5 years later, standing as your brid

The Dead Butterflies Society

Sudden Scribbles # 1

“I felt butterflies in my stomach the day I opened up to you,
Those moments makes me sick now that we’re through”

Hey ! I was thinking of trying out something new so I came up with the idea of a segment for my blog called ‘Sudden Scribbles’ .
It’s basically short poetic lines that pop into my mind at anytime so I just jot them down and post them here !

I hope you like them ♡

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