Self Doubt…

” The worst enemy of creativity is self doubt.”

We all have an enemy named self doubt inside us. No matter how hard we try to appreciate ourselves and forget our insecurities, we will judge and doubt our opinion about ourselves. I personally am a victim of it. I feel like a host who has been attacked and captured by this parasite. Every single time I have tried to believe in myself I feel an urge to recheck it and get others opinion instead of just going with mine. Whenever someone compliments me about my skills, I ask “Are sure it is ME you’re talking about?!”

That’s what I’m about. Living with self doubt is like giving up on yourself and following everyone else because you think you are wrong. You have opinions and answers but you are just too scared that they will be wrong and people will judge you.

I know that it’s hard to live like this and you may think that it is easy for me to say this but actually I know what and how it feels like. Self doubts don’t go away easily but what I  can tell you to do is to believe in yourself because even if it’s right or wrong it is your opinion. Trust Yourself, Trust God.


Dear Greatest Dad on EARTH…

” I have your heart and you have mine.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL!!!  This is one of the most ecstatic and euphoric part of the year. I just want to start by saying thank you….thank you for always holding my hand…..thank you for never making me regret anything….thank you for making my dreams yours and thank you for this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bond between you and me.

I remember those angry outbursts and I remember those sobs.. but they were a part of our aliveness. It’s you who made me run after my dreams and live each moment my fullest. You mean the world to me and I feel on top of the world with you. You’ve guided me through every part of my life and you’ve never given up on me. You were the one who did my school projects, slept with me when I had nightmares and you were the one who never made me feel helpless. I’ve learned how to live because you taught me. THANK YOU 🙂  Happy Birthday!! I love you and I always will❤️

I Don’t Know…..

” Your future is as bright as your faith.”

I don’t know what will i be doing after 12 years. Will I be a doctor? Or a scientist? Or even a writer? I don’t know but what I do know is that I will be doing my best in anything I do. I will take important decisions of life on my own because by doing that, I would not be able to blame anybody for my loss. Life is like a basketball, we do get blocked by hurdles, we do get thrown out of the court and we are dribbled by circumstances but one time   when we go through that basket and when we acheive our goal then that is the time the feeling of success comes rushing. We finally have been bared the fruit of our hardworking and faith in god.

We need to be capable, then we won’t be chasing success, instead success would be chasing us……..


“Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings.”

Life is a struggle but has a rainbow, It has a start but also an end.To get some wonderful result you need to have faith, Faith in ” him”, Cause he only gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Life has a lot of chapters, so just wait for them to begin. There is always someone to look upto but just have faith and patience.

Life always shoots for the moon, but even if it misses the shot it always lands among the stars.  🙂 🙂


The Original Link

” It’s best to have an old friend far away than a best friend near by who makes you question you care.”

My “True” friends are my most beloved antiques whose soul has touched my heart and made me the person who I am today. I met my antiques a couple of days and meeting them made me feel so beautiful, respected and worthy. They were the ones who al ways trusted me and they were the ones who’ve made me so confident. I love them a lot. The little quality time that I spend with them is so precious and I never want it to fly.

I’ve learned that in life we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are. I met my true friends when I was an year old. I know it sounds absurd but the time spent and the memories I have collected with them are immortal. I met them in my daycare and from then I have realised that growing up with these buddies was something anyone would ever want and I am so grateful that I have got this chance and this beautiful time with them.


The Central Park

Another day of a new surprise it is, starting off with a light breakfast and a small refresher and heading to the most beautiful and majestic park in Big Apple: The Central Park. The feeling there was just so beautiful and rejuvinating. Dad and I had a pretty delicious lunch but mom (🙄) ……well hers was not that great😬. NEVERMIND.

Then we went for shopping and finally… I got my LUSH stuff🎉🎉.

THEN……. we finally got a chance to eat in an INDIAN restaurant ( Phew! for mom😝)

Well, as usual the day ended with crashing in my bed😴.

Lady Liberty and The NBAs

” You sometimes win or you sometimes learn but you never lose.”

Today we went to the Statue of Liberty first through a small cruise and OMG it was soooooo awesome. The view was so amazing and so beautiful.

This mesmerising view made me realise that what if we could all live this kind of amazing and worry-free life, we would not have any stress about work or school, we would be happy and satisfied with our wonderful life. Unfortunately, this just isn’t how life will be cause then we totally won’t have the value for these beautiful and good deeds in life. Maybe we need to live that way and just wait for those happy times cause ‘ This shall too pass.’

Well, after the wonderful cruise I went to see ‘ THE NBA’ basketball championship in which New York Liberty was playing against Dallas Wings. The match was soooooo cool. It was played in the best basketball court in the whole world, The Madison Square Park.

At the end NewYork Liberty won and Dallas Wings lost, But even after losing the match they did not had the feeling of disappointment yet there face showed courage and a feeling of working even more hard.

That feeling needs to build up in us too.

My Very First Day….

” Everything starts with the first step.”

When I first stepped in New York, my emotions were so overwhelming that I could experience the emotion of Neil Armstrong when he first stepped on the moon.

My hotel was located in times square and THAT was my first view at the most busiest street. I had never seen such a place. It had people running around and the word night never fitted in their dictionary.

There were so many places that I only saw on television. I started having goosebumps due to excitement.

This was the first time I saw such a cosmopolitan city. BELIEVE ME!!



“Only from the heart, one can touch the sky.”

Here I am flying to New York, I don’t know why but I always wanted to visit USA. The feeling that comes along with it is just so full of emotions.

My dad has planned this trip perfectly. He always loved me and always wanted to see a smile on my face.

My excitement is indescribable.

You know, I always want to live my life in another country and have a job by which I get know people’s perspectives and opinions on anything. Living with these people help you in knowing more about them and how they have managed themselves to get success.

I just wanna catch up all these memories and store them somewhere, a place that can take me to my mesmerising past again.

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