In the City of Goodbyes

I’d like to think we’re still underneath the same stars…even though you might’ve become one…

It was the sound of a pulse that dropped when they hesitated with the words “ You’re Sick”,
All the surgeries burned my soul, yet nothing actually did the trick.

The cancer couldn’t help but proliferate, while I hoped for the symphony of goodbye,
It seemed like I’d lost everything, while looking at my bare skull, I couldn’t help but cry.

But something happened that night when I heard your voice from the next room,
You lay there with your brilliant blue eyes, staring deep into my gloom.

You just smirked and waved and said hello in a mime,
Even the mirror was glad to see that smile on my face after a long time.

I remember our first “date” when we ate that pudding in the hospital cafe,
You gave me your silly smile, and it was perfect in every way.

You kissed me on the forehead and we made promises for the next day,
But destiny had its own plans, steadily coming our way.

That night the disease spread like wildfire in your lungs, ironically leaving your heart out cold,
The sorrow choked my throat as the tears inundating my face, down my cheek rolled.

Sometimes I wished it was me and not you who had to go and leave the other with hopes of tomorrow,
You made me see my Glass Half Full as you let me, your happiness borrow.

I made sure your stone stood strong just like your spirit in my heart is,
I come by everyday with that silly hospital pudding and talk to you about the times of us I still miss…

22 thoughts on “In the City of Goodbyes

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  1. Gosh, this is so powerful – emotional and heartbreaking. These words:

    “while I hoped for the symphony of goodbye,”

    Where the relief of a goodbye can feel like a song we want to hear. Beautifully expressed 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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