Dear Therapist…

Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep…..before you fall apart.

Crumpled sheets lie all over my desk and every thought seems trivial,
The burned bits form the aroma, as my confidence becomes menial.

I question my existence as I drown in the alcoholic haze,
I realise the futility of hard work while the ceiling catches my gaze.

You see, I can’t scream “I need help” cause then they question why,
That question keeps me up at night yet my answer’s just a sigh.

I know I’ll have to return to this maze even though the constraints make me drop to the floor,
But the truth is that I just can’t keep wishing “this too shall pass” anymore.

Sometimes I just want to lay on the street and drown the noise of the cars,
All I wanna do is open my arms and fall into the City of Stars.

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