The Truth Resonates

The brightest faces have the darkest souls…

The morning glory never showed her scars,
The high branches could reach the stars.

All looks so mighty, her green leaves shined,
But soon the fall came, fearful she whined.

Now her looks are gone, her body is bare,
Her roots are cold, her mind so scared.

Living with secrets so hard to dig,
She only grew with fake smiles which broke like her weak twig.

Grandma finished the story with a sigh,
The children were wistful for the tree not soaring high.

But kids what we learn is to never be ashamed,
Come out with your problems, maybe some might have the same.

We live in this obliviousness that we forget to care,
A little smile can lead to a long way somewhere.
It’s a path to choose that is right,
We all feel pain and someone’s may just be too white.

Help yourself and help others to live,
There’s love for all and so much more to give.

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  1. I’ve worked with kids that have had some really hard lives and one thing some used to say is “Oh, miss, you are rich!” I would say, no I’m not! Then they would say well I must have this and that, blah blah blah, and I would say I might have stuff, but I also have problems. They couldn’t believe it. To the older ones I would say, “whoever tells you they have no problems, they have the biggest ones of all, but just won’t say it.”

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