My Demons

The cycle of decision is a monster that calls,
I just want to hide behind these four walls.

The promises to make and the promises to keep,
hurts me bad, like I’m burning down deep.

I feel the float, I feel the ache,
I feel the sadness when my joy they take.

I feel like the ocean dried up by the sinful sun,
I feel like a victim trapped at the point of a gun.

Is my choice heaven or hell?
Can someone hear me please can you tell.

I unveil that I’m OK even when I’m not,
I console myself that I will be even when my darkness and I haven’t fought.

I know, you know that after an instant this ain’t gonna matter,
But only I know that if I fail myself,
My whole soul will scatter.

The chambers of my heart have not yet been unlocked,
And they wanna burst open every time that I have been mocked.

The monster of decision will always keep calling me,
But how I will react,
You’ll just have to wait and see….


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