Lady Liberty and The NBAs

” You sometimes win or you sometimes learn but you never lose.”

Today we went to the Statue of Liberty first through a small cruise and OMG it was soooooo awesome. The view was so amazing and so beautiful.

This mesmerising view made me realise that what if we could all live this kind of amazing and worry-free life, we would not have any stress about work or school, we would be happy and satisfied with our wonderful life. Unfortunately, this just isn’t how life will be cause then we totally won’t have the value for these beautiful and good deeds in life. Maybe we need to live that way and just wait for those happy times cause ‘ This shall too pass.’

Well, after the wonderful cruise I went to see ‘ THE NBA’ basketball championship in which New York Liberty was playing against Dallas Wings. The match was soooooo cool. It was played in the best basketball court in the whole world, The Madison Square Park.

At the end New York Liberty won and Dallas Wings lost, But even after losing the match they did not had the feeling of disappointment yet there face showed courage and a feeling of working even more hard.

That feeling needs to build up in us too.

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