“Colours are outside the lines, you just need to feel them.”

Colour is that sensation that you produce during every moment of your life. It can be the colour red indicating love or affection towards something or it can be the colour blue reflecting rejuvenation, the limit is the sky.

Colours have meanings or moody sensations related to them , for example-

  1. The colour red reflects love but it can also reflect anger.
  2. The colour black indicates darkness or depression but it can also reflect pride and honour.
  3. The colour white can reflect boringness but it can also indicate peace.

But my friend don’t feel bad cause if you’re optimistic and you have confidence in yourself then I am a 100% sure that you’ll compare yourself with those positive things. If you can’t then it is time to change yourself cause it’s never too late for anything.

So, remember that you just need to attract that positivity of these colours and make yourself , self-motivated and independent.


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