My Dad

My dad is the world’s most unique father. He is a person who always believes in me, makes me feel comfortable in this big world and fulfils all of my dreams.

When I was year old my dad used feed me milk and drive the car at the same time! He is very special to me, he makes me feel on top of the world.

He is a bit impatient but sometimes he realises that and converts back to my dad in seconds. My dad and I share most of the things like-

  • He is a BIG foodie and even I am.
  • He has a lot of hair on his body and even I do ( shhh…..)
  • He loves netflix and even I do!

SEE! we share many things in common. There are a lot more but I can’t list them as there are soo many.

My Dad is my guiding star. He is my first love and he will be. I hear his voice every time when I am in trouble and it always says-“ Tanvi! you are the best.” He has made a small world for me full of love. I love you dad.

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