The First Step

Just a few days ago i have completed 12 years of my life. Twelve wonderful years. I know that they are “just” twelve years to you, but to me they are much more than that. Today I don’t know why am I just getting a flashback of my childhood. It starts from the very first day……….

I was born on 21st march 2005 at 9:05 pm. It was a special day. I was pretty unusual ( and am……lol !!) every child cries when they are born and when they see unfamiliar people around them, I actually didn’t ( or that’s what my mom told me). At that time I was feeling clueless. Staring at people who looked really very happy. I could only recognise one person which was my mother, by her familiar scent which made me feel a vibe of joy, happiness and especially….. love.


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